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Holy Worldliness

AIC 2016 | Session #10, Friday, March 11
By: Bro. Matthias Overholt from Sarasota, FL

Communities That Fail/Thrive

Session #12 on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bro. Chester Weaver of LaGrange, IN

What I have to share…. is not so much doctrinal teaching, but a story; various stories. …I will attempt to showcase, in a big picture way, various communities that have both failed in some cases and thrived in other cases. And I’m not going to limit myself just to the Anabaptist story.

Sports and the Christian – Dean Taylor

Session #1 on Friday, March 13, 2009

Bro. Dean Taylor of Ephrata, PA

….This issue of sports began to get a burden on me. And I began to remember some of the things and think of the ways I’ve seen it in the backgrounds of Anabaptists, if you would. And some of the people in different backgrounds, how they seem to be losing some of these things and getting as close as they can to the world on some of these subjects. And it began to be a burden to me even more so.

Culture: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going? – Michael Overholt

Session #13 on Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bro. Michael Overholt of Franklin, KY

We want to look a little at how cultures develop, and that is in an effort to better understand and appreciate our culture. We also want to note a few changes in our culture; this will be in very practical ways. And then to just consider developing ways to deal with those changes.

Accepting Tribute from the Canaanites – Michael Overholt

Session #1 on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bro. Michael Overholt of Franklin, KY

Too often, the way we approach life, differs very little from that of my neighbor. We tell each other by our lifestyle that we do believe more is better. Can we take and hoard our material possessions, wring a little bit of tribute out of them, and hope to go away unscathed? But we’re doing it! And too many of our children, disullusioned by what passes (as) Christianity are walking out the door!