What Is AIC?


Vision: Equipping Watchmen for the Present Hour

Where there is no vision [prophetic ministry], the people perish [cast off restraint]. Proverbs 29:18


The Anabaptist Identity Conference attempts to address current issues from a historical context.


Mission Statement

  1. To propose the truth of the good news of Jesus (gospel) in subjects that are   relevant for our times.
  2. To hold forth the ancient, radical faith of those who’ve gone before us, as examples for ourselves.
  3. To provide a forum where questions can be asked without fear of reprisal.
  4. To be too conservative for the liberals and too liberal for the conservatives,     hoping thereby to stir up the apathy that each camp contains.
  5. A forum to be able to think outside of the box and question that which we’ve been told.
  6. To assist Anabaptist groups in strengthening the things that remain and sending them back to their camps to build up and encourage.
  7. To provoke Anabaptist groups to thoughtful consideration of the Biblical truths lacking in their individual congregation settings.
  8. To provide fellowship for conservative Anabaptist groups.
  9. To respect all groups, bashing no one and not encouraging sheep stealing; but rather, encouraging a building up of the church of Jesus.



The Anabaptist Identity Conference was first held in Sarasota, Florida at the Tourist Mennonite Church during March of 2007. The conference began on a Friday night, and continued all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  The conference followed the same basic format in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In October of 2010, a second (for that year) conference was held at Midway Mennonite Reception Center in Lititz, PA. The following spring, March 2011, the conference was again held in Sarasota, this time at Palm Grove Mennonite Church, on a Thursday night, all day Friday and all day Saturday. There was a conference held in November 2011 at the Midway Mennonite Reception Center. No conference was held in the spring of 2012; instead it was held at Ephrata Business Center in Ephrata, PA in October 2012. Unfortunately, there was no AIC in 2013. The latest conference was held from February 13-15, 2014 in Sarasota, Florida. Thank you.

Planning & Advisory Committee:

Nathan Overholt & Matthias Overholt

18 thoughts on “What Is AIC?”

    1. I believe there are plans underway for a meeting in Lititz, PA to be held in November 2012. I am not aware of any more details at the moment. I will post details as plans are made…
      All meetings are free; there is a love offering taken to help with expenses. Meetings can also be listened to live via telephone free of charge.
      Thank you and may God bless!

  1. What a Blessing it has been to find this site & ministry! We will be keeping an eye out for the 2013 meeting for sure, and being from OH if it is in PA we more than likely can attend as long as we have enough “advanced warning” to save for it.

    A HUGE Thank You to all involved in this, and may God Bless you!

  2. Hello:
    I have so enjoyed all on the recorded messages on your site. They have opened the scriptures to me in new ways. I am not from an Anabaptist background so these messages are really refreshing and convicting.

    Will there be a 2013 conference? Where will it be held?

    Thanks again for all you have done and please keep up the good work.
    James Burns Jr.

    1. There are tentative plans for a conference in the fall of 2013, but at the moment I have no more details. Thank you!

  3. We would like to know the location and dates for the 2015 AIC. Thank you so much. I have been so blessed listening to the messages via internet.

    1. The sermons from this site REALLY were life-changing. I would like to know the place of the next conference. I hope I will be able to attend!

    1. Greetings! Lord willing, the 2017 Anabaptist Identity Conference will be held in Hurricane Mills, TN, on Thursday, March 16 through Saturday, March 18. The facility where the conference will be held is The Well, and the address is: 462 Barren Hollow Rd. Hurricane Mills, TN 37078. Directions to The Well are: Exit 143 off of I40, 1.5 hrs. W of Nashville. Go 1 block N of I40 on Hwy. 13 and turn right onto Barren Hollow Rd. (Across from the Pilot gas station.) Go 1/4 mile to the building on the left (The Well) across from the KOA campground.
      Registration to attend the conference is required. Please provide your name, phone number and how many people will be with you attending the conference. You may do this by calling 941-822-3282 and leaving a voice mail message or e-mailing hsofgrace6550@yahoo.com. There is no registration fee. Free will offerings will be taken at the conference. If you have any further questions, please call Nathan at 941-954-2399.
      There are hotels, cabins, and RV hookups available within 1/4 mile – 7 miles of the location of the conference. There will also be some homes available to stay in, within 15 – 20 miles away. We will have all lodging information, as well as the program, available by the middle of February.
      Speakers at this conference will include: David Bercot; PA, John D. Martin; PA, Chester Weaver; TX, Roman Stoltzfoos; PA, Andrew St. Marie; MI, Kevin Fall; IA, Ray Miller; OH and David Martin; OH.
      We appreciate your prayers for this upcoming conference.
      Nathan Overholt and Matthias Overholt

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