Below is a list of books and articles either written or recommended by the people who have shared messages posted on this site. If you come across a reference in your listening that is missing from here, please contact us.

Also, remember this: (as put so well by Vision Publishers)

We recognize inherent dangers in books written by men. Only the Bible is infallible and inerrant. All other books should be read with caution. All of man’s writings should be evaluated in light of the Word of God.

A Change Of Allegiance” – Written by Dean Taylor

Anabaptism In Outline” – Edited by Walter Klaassen & Recommended by John D. Martin

Dowsing: How Does It Work” – Written by Ken Miller & Recommended by Roger Hertzler

Kingdom-Focused Finances” – Written by Gary Miller & Recommended by unknown

On Alternative Medicine” – Written by Rodney Mast & Recommended by Roger Hertzler

The Genesis Record” – Written by Dr. Henry Morris & Recommended by Chester Weaver

The Ornament of a Spirit” – Written by Cory Anderson

The Root of the Righteous” – Written by A. W. Tozer & Recommended by unknown

“The Terrible Price of Darkness” – Written by Elaine Schrock, Available by contacting Mark Beachy @ 330-852-2982; Recommended by Roger Hertzler

Through The Eye of a Needle” – Written by Roger HertzlerFree Download

6 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I have a spare copy of “Let Her Be Veiled” by Tom Shanks. I would be willing to swap it for a book of similar value, which I do not possess.

    I also have “”She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall published by Plough.
    “Living the Resurrection” by Eugene Peterson
    “A Bible Treasury” and “Conservative Anabaptist Theology” both by William McGrath
    Why Pro-Life by Randy Alcorn
    Is God Past His Sell-By Date by John Blanchard
    “Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide” by James Dobson

  2. I am Haiti director of LIFE Literature. We supply books, Bibles and tracts in Creole. I am interested in located the publisher/printer of Val Yoder’s book–I Will Build My Church. I would like to check about having it translated into Creole.


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