AIC 2009

Below, you can Download or Listen to MP3 files from the 2009 Anabaptist Identity Conference in Sarasota, Florida. Click on the title of the session that interests you to play or download that session.

CD albums with all 16 messages (one to a CD) enclosed in a nice case are also available. Please complete this order form if you would like to order a complete set of CDs.

View/Download Program | .PDF  155kb

Regretfully, not all the 2009 sessions have been encoded to MP3 at the moment.

  • Sports and the Christian – Dean Taylor Session #1 on Friday, March 13, 2009 Bro. Dean Taylor of Ephrata, PA ….This issue of sports began to get a burden on me. And I began to remember some of the things and think of the ways I’ve seen it in the backgrounds of Anabaptists, if you would. And some of the people in different backgrounds, ...

For more details about the Anabaptist Identity Conference, like vision, schedule or planning committee, please see the Anabaptist Identity Conference page.

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