Blood Moons, Feasts & Sabbaths – Part 2

AIC 2016 | Session #7, Friday, March 11
By: Bro. David Bercot from Chambersburg, PA

2 thoughts on “Blood Moons, Feasts & Sabbaths – Part 2”

  1. Regarding Part 2 of David Bercot’s presentation:
    To understand Malachi 4:5 regarding the coming of Elijah, we need to read carefully Mark 9:11-13. Is it possible that Mal. 4:5 has a double fulfillment?

    Also, if I understood correctly, Br. David stated that there was no animosity between the descendants of Jacob and Esau until modern times. Please read Num. 20:14-21; 1 Sam. 14:47; 2 Sam. 8:14; 1 Kings 11:14-16; Ezekiel 25:14-16.

    Two other passages that David did not address, but which have significant implications for God’s purposes for Israel, are Luke 22:28-30 and Acts 1:6, 7.

    1. Bro Marvin,
      Those are some good references. I am sure I don’t have any of this figured out, or ever will I probably! But, I have actually been listening to some of the pro-Israel propaganda lately, and have really been considering it… And in many ways, I consider it a great blessing to hear what Bro David shared regarding this topic. I am not entirely sure I agree with him on all points, but I do know that some of his points have opened my eyes to some dangers that I was actually beginning to consider!

      As touchy your comment about Elias, I do think it is possible for scripture to have double meaning at times. But I don’t really see where you are coming from on that reference. All of that does seem to be fulfilled to me…

      If I understood bro David, he was referring to Isaac and Ishmael not having enmity, not Jacob and Esau.

      Maybe you could expound a little further on the Luke and Acts reference:) I’m not sure I see where those are particularly meaning fleshly Israel as being restored by God. Looks like to me that the Apostles would Judge them, and that the disciples were still a little unclear on what restoring the kingdom was going to look like.

      I hope that all comes across respectfully, as that is definitely how I intend it to be:) Blessings in Christ Jesus.

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