AIC 2016 | Reminder

AIC 2016 kicks off TOMORROW! with lunch @ 11:30. The first service starts at 1:00 with songs, welcome and prayer. Edsel Burdge will have the first topic entitled “Jesus or Moses: The Early Anabaptists and the Two Testaments”.

Be There:

The Heritage Community Center
3558 US 62
Berlin, OH

Listen Live:

Call 712.432.8773 and enter code 47223 (GRACE).

Download AIC 2016 PROGRAM

2 thoughts on “AIC 2016 | Reminder”

  1. I don’t know if anyone checks these comments, but I wanted to let someone know that the conference line is currently not working.

  2. Thank you for the notice. There was a bit of technical difficulty encountered at the beginning of the service. That has been corrected and we should be good from here out. Thank you!

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