My Journey To Anabaptism

AIC 2015 | Session #16, Saturday, March 14
   By: Bro. John D. Martin from Chambersburg, PA

One thought on “My Journey To Anabaptism”

  1. John D.,

    You gave me part of this testimony one dark night long ago while riding up I-81 in your Honda Civic. I see you’ve expanded it, and that the peace that passeth all understanding remains illusive.

    Almost 35 yrs. later and your passion has not dimmed. I will be blunt: the same thing that had you crying as a young man behind the barn is still driving you today — a burning need to understand why the god you believe in is not making himself manifest in your personal life or in his “kingdom.”

    “[You] have become a name; for always roaming with a hungry heart . . . ,” and your intellectual roaming has taken you down a rabbit hole of revisionist church history and willful dishonesty. But I digress.

    I was moved by your retelling. No young man should have to suffer mental agony in this way. I too suffered. But my suffering took a different form. And I can say unequivocally that the farther away from religion that I have moved the happier my life has become. When reality is the basis of what a person believes in — it is — well, peaceful. No need to jump through intellectual hoops to try and figure out why the church has been such a failure or why the salvation prayer did not bring inner peace.

    To paraphrase Robert Bly in “Iron John,” religious instruction should be withheld from young men. It has the potential to create enormous psychological pain and to irreparably blight a young man’s life. I know because I lived it. But I digress.

    — an agnostic Anchor alumnus

    Bro. John, you should be using your considerable gifts to roll back the darkness of ignorance and superstition not adding to it.

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