The Turtle Wins – Panel Discussion

AIC 2015 | Session #10, Friday, March 13
   By: Panel Discussion

3 thoughts on “The Turtle Wins – Panel Discussion”

  1. Very enlightening discussion! I wish leaders would listen to seekers when they have valid things to share. I can understand why they are afraid of change and how a little change in certain groups has soon led to a cascade of assimilation. I suggest that if a group makes a change that seems more “modern” or less traditional (such no longer requiring black cars) that they try to balance it by reviving some traditional practices at the same time–such as work-bees or for families to do more singing in the home, more study of historical Christian movements etc. That way a group can make changes to help seekers without tearing apart the whole system and bringing in worldliness. Has anyone tried that in their group? If you have, I wish you’d come speak next year and share with everyone. It’s a needed lesson.

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