A Call To Gelasenheit

AIC 2015 | Session #8, Friday, March 13
   By: Bro. Chester Weaver from Napannee, IN

One thought on “A Call To Gelasenheit”

  1. Loved this and am so thankful to be exposed to this teaching. It is so refreshing in contrast to the individualistic, libertarian-influenced, power-over doctrine and practice that dominates most other strains of christianity. Chester used the word “militancy” a lot, but I think I would use the word politicking or something related to politics because that seems to be the arena where the ungodly opposite of Gelasenheit rears its ugly head the most. There are serious sins in our culture, but almost every christian I know does not approach those with a Christ-like Gelasenheit attitude… instead it’s “fight back, out-vote/out-spend, protest, veto, dominate, litigate, take-over, kick-out, seize, block, don’t serve them, etc… But I know personally, this will be a challenge putting into practice because the old man loves to do everything but Gelasenheit.

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