Halting Between Two Opinions

AIC 2015 | Session #5, Friday, March 13
   By: Bro. Nathan Overholt from Sarasota, FL

One thought on “Halting Between Two Opinions”

  1. There are lots of assumptions here that simply aren’t true. For example:
    1) revival meetings/protracted meetings aren’t a Protestant invention–the Anabaptists had them, too–such as with Jacob Hutter in Moravia; 2) Sunday School isn’t a Protestant invention. Classes in preparation for baptism and for children were started early in Christian history; 3) Chemo does not have a 3% success rate. For some cancers, it’s 90%, for others it’s useless. The surivival rate is up for most cancers.; 4) It’s hard to keep non-pasteurized milk pure–people are 10 times more likely to get sick from it than from pasteurized–and these infections can kill the weak and cause miscarriages. Please try to verify facts. It’s not the Protestant innovations, but the individualistic spirit of Protestantism plus the narcissism of our age that is harming our churches. The Protestant emphasis on “sola scriptura” has made ministers afraid to talk about how culture and lifestyle build or harm the church. Ministers and school teachers need to be able to give a good defense for how we live, while school teachers can share facts about the problems of the ordinary middle class American lifestyle as they teach.

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