The Inroads Of Evangelical Protestantism

AIC 2015 | Session #4, Friday, March 13
   By: Bro. David Bercot from Chambersburg, PA

4 thoughts on “The Inroads Of Evangelical Protestantism”

  1. From my limited experience, I notice that young men seem to be leaving the conservative Mennonites much more than the young women. Some go to the world; others to fundamentalist churches. I don’t think theology is what is making them leave. There’s some problem with the way the young men are being raised and discipled. I notice that ministers in conservative churches rarely explain why their lifestyle is better and more biblical. We also need more activities that turn work into a social event (like barn raisings, butchering days) to build brotherhood. And there’s a broader purpose for the lifestyle–the nation’s food supply is built on corruption and unhealthy practices, and we have a chance to bless others by providing healthful food. Another issue is housing. Many cannot afford decent homes. Perhaps our people could take ideas like strawbale or “papercrete” homes and make them commercially viable. Young men need a bigger purpose than making money for their business, and they need more brotherhood and teamwork.

    1. Interesting comment. I can see your point, but I think perhaps the reasons are manifold. It would seem that indeed, modern day Anabaptists are raised to accept without question the beliefs and practices of their parents. In this day of instant information, that just won’t do. Unless they ban all forms of communication with the outside world. If not, then it is imperative that they indoctrinate (in the good sense of the word) them in their ways. The ones that go to Evangelical churches will get strong teaching and lots of reasoning. And this seems to satisfy a need in many Christians. While primarily and ultimately our relationship with God is what counts, and not just what we know (or think we know) about Him. If we want our children to grow up and accept our ways in this modern world we need to tell them why it is best. Inspirational pep talks will not do.

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