Iconoclasm and the Winds of Change

AIC 2014 | Session #2, Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bro. Shannon Latham of Caneyville, KY

One thought on “Iconoclasm and the Winds of Change”

  1. I thank God that this brother was spared death and has a new lease on life, but let’s ask ourselves an important question. Why can’t believers have some common sense? Probably if this brother had gone to the hospital at the first sign that this wasn’t an ordinary flu, he would have never ended up on a respirator. Or if he had taken Tamiflu the second he knew he had the flu, the disease would have been mild. Or taken a flu shot. Since being involved with conservative Anabaptists, I’ve seen countless unnecessary deaths and severe illnesses because people don’t exercise common sense and try to understand the body God has given them. Or they are so ignorant that they can’t tell a genuine natural remedy from a fraud. Let’s spare our communities needless expense and worry–inform yourself about medical warning signs and get help quickly!

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