9 thoughts on “AIC 2014”

  1. Please let us know when the program schedule is ready. I’d like to spread the word. Lords blessings and peace to all.

  2. I listened to the last sessions this morning and this afternoon. It was so nice to see you mention social justice issues and to hear the strong warnings about getting involved in this world politics. We don’t want to vote at the polls but we can vote for things that do good for others every time we spend the money God puts in our hands.

  3. we were wondering when the website will have the 2014 messages up and able to be accessed/listened to? We listen to the messages on this website fairly often are looking forward to hearing the newest ones. Blessings to all who make the sacrifice to make these messages available. They have been a blessing in our home!

    1. I am awaiting the delivery of CDs from Victory Music Services so I can begin encoding and uploading these files. I expected to have the CDs already, but postal service seems to be taking their good old time. 🙂

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