An Anabaptist Concept of the Holy Spirit

Session #10 on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bro. John D Martin of Chambersburg, PA

This is a very important subject because at various times in our history, people have grabbed a hold of concepts of God’s work in their life that have basically not turned out what they thought it was going to be.

2 thoughts on “An Anabaptist Concept of the Holy Spirit”

  1. I was tremendously blessed by this sermon and I want to listen to it again. May God help us to pass on our faith as a living torch to our children!

  2. Brother John Martin,
    I believe your cocept of the Holy Spirit is correct and biblical. I also follow and believe Christ Jesus in the Holy Bible scriptures only. This sermon leads to really knowing the true Christ and Holy Spirit of the scriptures. God Bless you brother

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