Swiss Brethern vs. Dutch Mennonite Concepts of the Church

Session #9 on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bro. Chester Weaver of Lagrange, IN

Excellent beginnings are common in the story about mankind. But what about the 2nd and the 3rd generation? Or the 5th or 12th or the 20th generations? Can excellence be perpetuated? Can an ideal be realized generation after generation? How does human fallibility and weakness affect the Gospel ideal?

4 thoughts on “Swiss Brethern vs. Dutch Mennonite Concepts of the Church”

  1. Fascinating message and such a wake-up call! Thank you!

    Mr. Weaver mentioned a CBS Documentary from 1967 called “Mennonites: the Peaceful Revolution.” I would be very interested in obtaining a copy. I would be grateful to hear how to obtain this documentary DVD.

    Appreciate all you are doing.

    1. Heidi, at the moment I do not know if a DVD is available, or if the documentary is available in it’s entirety. I am trying to find out for you…

      In the mean time, Bro. Dean Taylor @ has a clip of the documentary of you want a sneak peak.

  2. Is there a copy of the book that Chester mentioned titled, “Golden Apples in Silver Bowls: The Rediscovery of Redeeming Love” available for purchase anywhere for less than $50? I found a hardcover copy on Amazon for $195, but that’s too pricey for me to spend.

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