The Hutterite Experience – Reuben Walter

Session #3 on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bro. Reuben Walter of Saskatchewan

We have not attained. We are no better than anybody else. We are just a group of people on a journey to the kingdom. …It’s a journey, it is rocky, it is filled with stumbling blocks, and it is filled with an enormous amount of distractions.

4 thoughts on “The Hutterite Experience – Reuben Walter”

  1. Do you have Brother Reuben Walters postal address? If the Lord wills, I would like to contact Reuben and thank him for the encouragement I received in Christ Jesus by his witness.

    Thank you


  2. Thank you so very, very much for posting all the presentations on your web site. I have forwarded it to countless people around the world…..

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