Posting Format

Or “How would you like the mp3 files arranged?” You choose, A or B

A) In the past I have added each message as it’s own individual post, with a short quote and links to listen or download each message.
B) Create one post with a chronological list of titles and links to download or listen.

I will arrange posts using method A if there is no feedback. Depending on my schedule, I should be able to start uploading Friday (11/02) evening.

4 thoughts on “Posting Format”

  1. I like ‘A’. It’s easy to search for a particular speaker with the tag cloud. Thanks for all the work that goes into this site! It’s such a treasure trove!

  2. I am trying to download these messages but when I click the download link, a new window opens to play the file instead of downloading. Can you help?

    1. Ed, instead of using left-click on the DOWNLOAD link, right-click instead. From the context menu that pops up, select something like Save Target As, Save Link As, or Save As. Choose where you want to save it to (like your Music folder) and hit Save.

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