AIC 2012 Still in progress….

The Anabaptist Identity Conference 2012 is still in progress. The meeting will continue through tonight. Just a reminder that the there are 4 ways to hear the messages from this conference.

1). Listen live via phone, as the speakers are speaking in Ephrata, PA via Midwest Conference Line. Dial 712.432.8773 and enter conference ID of 47223.

2). Listen to a recording via phone, courtesy of the Midwest Conference Line. Dial 712.432.8774 and enter conference ID of 47223.

3). Order complete album of CDs from this conference and all past conferences by using our online order form.

4). Listen via this website, by playing MP3 files or by downloading them to your phone or MP3 player.

One thought on “AIC 2012 Still in progress….”

  1. Looking forward to when the messages are posted here! Our thoughts were often there with you all, but PA is a long way off from MO, and we just couldn’t make it there to join you.

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