Being Honest With The Problems We Have Created – Frank Reed

Session #8 on Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bro. Frank Reed of Manheim, PA

…And with that new-found information, (I) came back and looked at the community again, and looked at it a little differently and with different eyes than I looked at it before. And what I saw was basically an Anabaptist community that was running away from itself. An Anabaptist community that was loosing it’s identity. And it gave me a real concern. Don’t we have something worth preserving?

One thought on “Being Honest With The Problems We Have Created – Frank Reed”

  1. wow – this was good stuff. Inspired me in new ways. Thanks for sharing your heart Frank. would love to hear more about how we can be ‘attractive’ to our culture. I too have been concerned w/ much of our teaching coming from mainstream evangelicalism and protestant sources. How can we change this? It’s scary where much of our doctrine and theology is coming from. Thanks again.

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