Repairing The Walls of Our Homes – Panel Discussion

Session #15 on Sunday, March 14, 2010

Panel Discussion moderated by Bro. Jerry Hoover of Dover, OH
The panelists in this discussion were Bros. John D. Martin, Nathan Overholt, Matthias Overholt, Chester Weaver, David Graber, Donnie Swartzentruber & Ed Kline.

The subject being discussed centers around the retention of youth in our churches. This illustration from Bro. Jerry Hoover sums up at least part of the concerns discussed.

In our farms we have John Deere tractors, we have horses, we have Powerstroke diesels. (What if) consistently through the last 30-40 years, somewhere between 25% and 50% of the John Deere tractors and the Powerstroke pickups, and the horses would somehow just disappear off your farms? There would be people coming out of the woodwork trying to figure out where they’re going, and what’s happening. But alas, there’s been a silence. And one is (left) wondering where the prophetic voice is at.

Parts 1 & 2:

2 thoughts on “Repairing The Walls of Our Homes – Panel Discussion”

  1. Recently I read an article about how the Orthodox Jews deal with the internet. They have set up their own system that only includes acceptable websites. Of course, making a system like this won’t help people with unregenerate hearts, but it will help the immature, weak and others who are well meaning, but not strong and help prevent people from accidentally seeing bad things.
    Above all, adults need to keep up to date about technology so they know both the possibilities and risks of technologies. Sitting down with your children and having them teach you about technology and ask them about the pro’s and con’s can actually bring parents closer.

  2. I appreciated listening to this, and wanted to recommend a worthwhile book.

    It’s called “Keeping Our Children’s Hearts” by Steven & Teri Maxwell.

    Thank you for the AIC and may God bless you.

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