Sports and the Christian – Dean Taylor

Session #1 on Friday, March 13, 2009

Bro. Dean Taylor of Ephrata, PA

….This issue of sports began to get a burden on me. And I began to remember some of the things and think of the ways I’ve seen it in the backgrounds of Anabaptists, if you would. And some of the people in different backgrounds, how they seem to be losing some of these things and getting as close as they can to the world on some of these subjects. And it began to be a burden to me even more so.

One thought on “Sports and the Christian – Dean Taylor”

  1. Wonderful empowering message. I’m not into sports myself. I’m one of those who talks about football only on Super Bowl Sunday. Even then I think it’s a crazy frenzy our country is in. In how it idolizes and celebrates this “American tradition”. What a waste of time and space it takes up in persons life.

    I know of many decent Christians who see sport as a good exercise regiment in which one participates with “others”. Thus it is a form of coming together “fellowship”

    However. How I see it. Is vastly different. Why are they talking sports so much? Why do they know play by plays to detail? Why debate whether it was even a “fair play”? They talk of such things because they are “watching” the games and the highlights. Which is purely entertainment and their motive to also “compete” and get their “excersise”.

    I was also hoping to listen to the message where you talk music. But can’t seem to find it.

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